Youth Leading the Way: Stewardship and Solidarity

Foundational principles in Catholic Social Teaching and thought are stewardship and solidarity. As committed Catholics, and disciples of Jesus Christ, our faith commits us to act and advocate for the least ones among us. The call to solidarity requires that we consider how our individual and collective attitudes and actions impact our care for the poor. Being good stewards of all that we have received from the Lord: individual gifts and talents and well as the Earth and its resources, is a fundamental Catholic value. As a Catholic community we have been challenged by the U.S. Catholic Bishops to embrace three core principles: prudence, poverty, and the common good in relationship to the ongoing concern of climate change.

“My dear friends, God’s creation is one and it is good. The concerns for non-violence, sustainable development, justice and peace, and care for our environment are of vital importance for humanity.”

—Pope Benedict XVI at World Youth Day, June 2008

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Caring for Creation, caring for the poorCaring for Creation: Caring for the Poor—A Resource Guide for Teaching Young People about Climate Change

Being good stewards of all that we have received from the Lord—individual gifts and talents as well as the earth and its resources—is a fundamental Catholic value. As a Catholic community, we have been challenged by the U.S. Catholic Bishops to embrace three core principles: prudence, poverty, and the common good in relationship to the ongoing concern of climate change.

This resource challenges young people and adults alike to connect their actions to the well being of others, especially the poor. This planning guide provides tools for teaching the young church that care for creation is also care for the poor. The guide provides a practical small-group planning and training process resulting in a parish/school-wide learning experience that focuses on climate change and the role of Catholics to care for all of creation.

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The Catholic Youth Ministry Connection

Catholic youth ministry has always taken seriously the need to form young disciples in Catholic Social Teaching. Flip FlopsSocial justice is one of seven components of a comprehensive ministry with young people. Apprenticing youth in both direct action (charity) and social change (justice) is a powerful means and holistic lens to view the many ills of our world including climate change.

Teens and the Climate: The EPA's Initiative

The EPA is urging teens to Learn, Act, and Lead as key players in addressing climate change and children's health.

Clean Air

Earth Day: The Face of Climate Change

Earth Day reminds Tread Lightly: Lift Up the Lowly key chainsCatholics of the sacredness of God's creation and of our role as stewards of the Earth. Call young people and all in our parish and school communities to see the face of climate change (see new resources) and connect their actions to the well-being of others, especially the poor.

Tread Lightly/Lift Up the Lowly key chains available through NFCYM.

The St. Francis Covenant

Catholic Climate CovenantThe Catholic Climate Covenant: The St. Francis Pledge to Care for Creation and the Poor was launched in 2009, the day before Earth Day.  Since then, thousands of Catholic individuals, families, schools, parishes and organizations have pledged to Pray, Learn, Assess, Act, and Advocate as part of their commitment. As Earth Day 2012 approaches, you are encouraged to spread the word about the Catholic Climate Covenant and to help generate thousands more pledges.  Download and share these "Resources to Promote the St. Francis Pledge" with your family, friends, fellow parishioners, classmates and others.

Catholics and Creation: Why We Care

Learn about the connection . . . .

Stewards of Creation
by Bishop William Skylstad

Why Catholics Care for Creation
By Joan Brown, O.S.Fh


See some amazing new resources from our friends at the Center for Ministry Development and others.

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Lenten Resource From CRS
Confront Global Poverty During Lent

During the weeks of Lent and beyond, Catholics Confront Global Poverty invites you to join CRS' Operation Rice Bowl and learn about the efforts of the U.S. Catholic Church, working on your behalf to confront poverty in Ethiopia.

  •  Watch a short video to learn about CRS' work assisting communities to assist farmers in Ethiopia who are struggling in the face of long term drought.
  • Learn more about the Church's teaching (PDF) on global climate change and the environmental challenges affecting the world's poor.
  • Pray for our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia and around the world, and support of CRS' work in reducing hunger and poverty.

Don't forget to submit your activities this Lent with CRS' Operation Rice Bowl so your group can earn a star on the Catholics Confront Global Poverty Solidarity Map.